Stay Bump-to-Date! My 36 Week Bump-Date

36 Weeks Pregnant

We’ve made it to the final month of this pregnancy!

It has been such a whirlwind of a year. Becoming pregnant with our first child during a global pandemic was certainly not what we had in mind.

For those of you just joining, Connor and I found out we were pregnant in January of this year, about a month into the pregnancy. It was not planned, but we welcomed it with open arms… and an engagement! Good job to Connor on that one 😉 We were living in California, both still working at the time and I was enrolled in graduate school. Two months after we tested positive, the pandemic shut everything down. I lost my job at a local Equity theater, our school closed and resorted to remote learning, and we got the hell out of dodge. We packed up our life (and our cats) in 1 week and road tripped back to the East Coast. It was quite an adventure for being 3 months pregnant! We currently live in rural Connecticut in a lovely duplex, Connor has a wonderful job in Greenwich, and we are perfectly healthy. Again- not the pregnancy we had ever thought we would have!

Now, at 36 weeks pregnant, in the middle of the HOTTEST New England summer I think we’ve ever experienced, I am ready for baby girl to be OUT of me! We had our 36 week appointment with the OBGYN (Avery Center in Westport, CT) yesterday… and there is no end in sight. I am the sliiiiightest bit dilated- barely .5cm. While we all thought she was going to come early (me being a 5’2″ petite woman and Connor being a 5’11” large man), it looks like she is going to hold out until at least her due date. We were a little disappointed with that- we just want to meet her! Being pregnant has its ups and downs, but after a while you just get sick of being pregnant and want to be a parent.

I am excited to keep you updated in the weeks to come!

  • HOW FAR ALONG? 36 weeks and 3 days! It’s crazy how fast the time flies. Emily is about 6 pounds and is the size of a head of kale (ew) or a Buzz Lightyear action toy!
  • DUE DATE? September 19th
  • SIZE?: If everything matches what the doctor says, about 6.4lbs!
  • WEIGHT GAIN? EVERY woman’s experience in pregnancy is different. There is no right or wrong weight to be/gain during your pregnancy. Initially, I lost about 5-6 pounds in the first 2 months of pregnancy. This wasn’t due to morning sickness- that’s just how my body reacted to being pregnant! Weight gain also doesn’t mean gaining fat yourself- it’s the weight of your baby, your uterus, fluid, placenta, and so many other things in your body. Now that we are at the end, I have gained roughly 20 pounds (including the 5-6 back that I had lost). I will probably pack on another 4-6 before Emily arrives.
  • NAME? You all know this- Emily Ruth Whiteley! AKA Emmy Ruth, Emmy, Ruthie, Baby Girl, Emily, and whatever other nicknames we come up with! We’ve had this name picked out for about 2 years- ever since we began talking about having children together!
  • HOW AM I FEELING? Ehhhhh. Pregnancy has been kind to me overall, but it’s not something I particularly enjoyed. Right now, I am feeling tireddddd. It kills me to walk up and down the stairs- I feel like I need to take a nap as soon as I get to the landing! The muscles on my back (my Lats) have begun hurting from strain of the weight of my uterus pulling down. I have also had pretty bad Braxton Hicks (false contractions) for the past few weeks. I have begun feeling a small, sharp pain at the top of my uterus, which means it’s preparing to help me push out this baby!
  • CRAVINGS?: Throughout this pregnancy, I haven’t “craved” anything. There are moments where I will see a food in a TV show or a commercial and need to immediately eat it (the Cheese Puffs I made my husband pick up the other day). I constantly want chocolate or pizza, but honestly that’s nothing new!
  • AVERSIONS?: Burgers. I don’t know why- about a month ago I just couldn’t stomach eating burgers! Sometimes watching people eat also makes me a tad queasy.
  • PHYSICAL CHANGES?: My feet are definitely a little swollen. My normal 7.5 size shoe is a bit tight on me- I hope they go down since I just ordered some new fall booties!
  • BABY MOVEMENT?: They say that baby movement slows down during the last month of pregnancy- I have yet to notice that. Emily is rocking and rolling at all times of the day! Since this is my first pregnancy, my uterus and abdominal muscles are pretty tight, so her movements look like waves. They’re still big enough to be surprised with! She gets the hiccups about twice a day, sometimes more. She also loves stretching out and seeing how far her arms and legs can go!
  • BELLY BUTTON?: What a weird thing. My belly button stretched out- it never popped. But at times, depending on her position, you can grab it between your fingers.
  • MOST EXCITED ABOUT?: Not being pregnant anymore? Honestly, it’s been a great pregnancy but it is certainly not for me. I am truly excited about getting to hold our baby girl and watching her move outside of me rather than inside. I also can’t wait to see what color hair she has!
  • LEAST EXCITED ABOUT?: Honestly? Nothing. I am very much looking forward to this new chapter in our lives! It’s going to be tough as hell, but we have each other and we have the support of 5 incredible grandparents!
  • PRENATAL VITAMINS?: I am taking One A Day Women’s Prenatal Advanced Multivitamin with Brain Support. They’re great! There is a separate vitamin for Folic Acid, an important Vitamin B that promotes cell development and growth. You can find these on Amazon here!
  • SKINCARE?: I have naturally veryyyy oily skin. For the first 6 months of pregnancy, my skin cleared up of any oils and acne. It was amazing! Once I hit the third trimester, my skin decided to revolt. My pores became clogged again, my skin was slick, and I didn’t know how to combat it. My sister turned me onto these products:
    • Youth to the People Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser. This cleanser from Sephora is a GAME CHANGER! 1. It smells heavenly. 2. The formula of the cleanser makes my skin soft and leaves off the oils for hours. My skin already feels cleaner after using it for only a few weeks. I use it in the morning and pair it with…
    • CeraVé Daily Moisturizing Lotion. This moisturizer brings back color and life into my skin. It’s not heavy and absorbs right into your pores for a healthy glow.
    • At night, I use CeraVé Hydrating Facial Cleanser. This cleanser helps get all of the first and grime from throughout the day off of my face. It’s the perfect cleanser for the evening as it assists in taking off makeup, AND it’s fragrance free!

I am so excited for this baby to greet the world. Come back in the next few weeks as I talk about my labor and delivery plan (which can ALWAYS change in the moment)!

What’s In Your Diaper Bag?

The 10 Most Important Things to Keep in Your Diaper Bag

One of the most important items you need in your Mom (or Dad) kit isn’t just one item… it’s MANY items! Your Diaper Bag is the home of all things baby. Whether you’re Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Auntie, you need to ensure that everything your little tyke will need throughout your day out is right at your finger tips.

I spent the day putting together mine and my husbands’ diaper bags in preparation for our little one. 7 weeks isn’t that far away, and we need to be prepared for anything! I’ve linked the products that I bought for my own baby stock for your convenience!

Boogie Wipes– Your little one is going to have boogies out her nose, in her mouth, in your mouth, everywhere! Rather than digging through your own purse, or even your car trunk, for that spare pack of tissues you know you packed, grab a boogie wipe! This will clean up those dried up snot bubbles without an issue, and leave your baby looking shiny as new.

Dr. Brown’s Pacifier and Bottle Wipes– How many times has that binkie fallen on the floor of the car? How often are you stressing that you’re not near hot water to rinse off that teether? Dr. Brown offers wipes for pacifiers, teethers, and bottles so that you don’t have to worry about those pesky germs.

An extra swaddle- Babies generally stop being swaddled around 3-4 months of age. You may not think that you need to, or should, pack a swaddle in your diaper bag once your baby grows out of them, but a swaddle can have many more uses than just their namesake! A swaddle can be used as a spare burp cloth, a blanket, a nursing cover, and more. Having one in your diaper bag will save you from itchy legs after that impromptu trip to the park. Here is a link to my personal favorite swaddles, which happen to have Winnie the Pooh stamped all over them!

An extra burp cloth- Do I even need to explain? Spit up, throw up, whatever you want to call it- it happens! A lot! Keep an extra burp cloth (or two) in your diaper bag. Just in case! Here are my favorites. They are gender neutral, soft, and machine washable.

Baby Lotion– Babies have very dry skin, and therefore need to stay moisturized more. If you live in a dry climate or have a little one with drier skin than most, it is worth investing in a travel-sized baby lotion. Be careful though- it might make them slippery!

Vaseline– Diaper rash cream has been a staple of many moms’ diaper bags for years- although it may not be the best way to prevent diaper rash. Diaper creams can hold toxins that may not be the best for your child’s health, while at the same time not protecting their bum from a rash. A diaper rash can come about when a baby’s bottom comes in contact with urine or stool while in their diaper. They’re very common, but also preventable. Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, is a great and non-toxic way to guard your baby’s bottom from dermatitis. I picked up these travel-sized tubs to pack along in my diaper bag for an on-the-go fix!

Extra Onesies- Blowouts. Spit up. Drops of pureed sweet potatoes. There are so many things that can get on a onesie while you’re out and about with your little one. Having a backup (and a backup for the backup) is extremely important! You can’t have that wrinkly little butt running naked in the breeze. I packed a few plain, shortsleeved onesies in both of our diaper bags for the unavoidable messes that our little girl will make. Here are my favorite ones from Carter’s! (Fun fact: Carter’s has a credit card and rewards program! Save 25% off your order if you sign up today!)

Silicone Teether– If your little one is anything like my sister-in-law, they might come out with a few teeth already poking through their gums. Once your tyke hits 3-4 months old, they’re going to start getting fussy as their teeth start to come in. You’re going to want an extra teether (or two) in your diaper bag for those situations.

A Grooming kit– Fly away’s. Straggly nails. Boogies. Your little one is going to require a lot of attention that a toy and a boob just can’t fix. A grooming and safety kit is an important one to keep in your diaper bag for on-the-go situations! We have two different ones. One from the American Red Cross and a Safety 1st brand.

SNACKS- Mom! Dad! You both need snacks, too! While your little one may have free food (if you’re breastfeeding/bottle feeding with breast milk), you certainly don’t. You need to keep your energy up while you’re out with your babe. Snacks of any kind are great to keep with you in your diaper bag. I am planning on stocking mine with trail mix and granola bars- easy foods that fill you up and are healthy for breastfeeding mamas!

Your diaper bag will become the life source for you and your little one, especially on long days out of the house. It’s am easy thing to pass off to a relative who may be watching them for the day. Keep it fully stocked! Clean it out when you get home at night and replace empty containers and wipe bags with fresh ones. Here are links to the diaper bags that my husband and I have (and love)! Skip-Hop Grand Central Take-It-All Diaper Bag and Jeep Adventurer’s Diaper Bag.

Check That Off! 7 Things You Need To Do In Your Third Trimester.

We are starting our 4th week in the third trimester, and my goodness there is still so much to do! In just a short 9 weeks, our baby girl will make her big appearance.

29 weeks pregnant!

For the past 31 weeks, I have been preparing (dreading) the last few months leading up to her birth. Are we prepared to have a baby? Do we have everything we need to sustain her life? Do I need to buy more underwear?

No. No. And probably no! But it doesn’t hurt to be 100% sure.

I have done my research and have created a checklist of the 7 most important things to do in your third trimester before your water breaks and all of a sudden you’re rushing to the hospital to deliver your first, third, or seventh child.

1. Create a Birth Plan

A birth plan is a helpful guideline for all mom-to-be’s, doctors, and hospital staff to have on hand during labor. When you get to the hospital, you’re not going to want to remember all of the little details of birth you feel so strongly about- nor can you remember! Your mind is going to be in a thousand other places while your body prepares to deliver a child.

Birth Plans go over details such as:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Episiotomy
  3. How you would like to breastfeed
  4. What medical procedures you would like performed on your child
  5. If you would like your child to stay in your room all of the time, some of the time, etc.

And more!

I found my birth plan template on! You can use this template, search the internet for another one that tickles your fancy, or you can create your own!

2. Put together the Nursery

Last weekend, my family and I spent time putting together all of the nursery furniture that Emily will need: Crib, changing table, and dresser. We got our furniture from Wayfair and put it together ourselves (our area doesn’t offer Handy services).

Getting the nursery ready early in the third trimester is extremely important, as you’re not going to want to build furniture or hang pictures when you’re worrying about your water breaking.

A grainy but cute photo of Emily’s room

3. Choose a Pediatrician

This is something that most first-time parents may look over until the last minute. Choosing a pediatrician is something you should do at the beginning of your third trimester, as you will need to give the hospital your pediatricians name. We registered at The Center for Advanced Pediatrics in Connecticut! They have our name in the system, and all we do once Miss Emily is born is to call them to set up her first few appointments.

4. Clean! Clean! Clean!

Clean that house, mama!

This might seem like something that is insanely obvious, as I sit here writing this post instead of cleaning my own house, but cleaning the house doesn’t just mean vacuuming the carpet or cleaning the hair out of the shower drain.

When I say clean the house, I mean PURGE, BABY, PURGE! Take the time to Marie Kondo your kitchen, your study, your bedroom. In just a few short weeks you are going to have another human taking up space in your home, and you are not going to want to worry about where to keep his or her bottles while you’re on your way home from the hospital. Organize the nursery in a way that feels right to you. Get rid of the clutter thats been sitting in the corner of the living room for months. Enlist family or your spouse/partner to help as well! You are the one who has been building a baby for the past 8 months, after all!

5. Pre-Register at the Hospital

This is something that I didn’t even know was something you had to do!

Pre-registering at the hospital isn’t as scary as it sounds. This just insures that all of your personal and financial information is in the hospitals system for when you go into labor. You’re not going to want to fill out your insurance information while simultaneously pushing a baby out and screaming at your partner.

You want to pre-register between 27-30 weeks, right around the time you begin your third trimester. If something happens and you go into labor pre-term, you certainly want to make sure the hospital is prepared to take you in.

6. Pack your Hospital Bag. And your partners’. And your baby’s!

Don’t wait until the last minute to pack your hospital bag! This isn’t something you want to just throw together the second your water breaks. You want- and need- to plan what’s going in your bag ahead of time. If you get to the hospital and discover that you left your phone with the birth playlist at home, you’re going to be a tad upset (I’m looking at you, Pam!).

If you’re not quite ready to pack your hospital bag, at least create your packing list. This will help you when you reach your final few weeks of life without a baby and allow you to go through the list without thinking.

Hare are some important things to remember to pack:

  1. 2-3 outfits (nursing tops, socks, underwear, etc.)
  2. Breast pump (if you are planning on breastfeeding). You’re going to want the hospital to teach you how to use it!
  3. Going home outfit for your baby
  4. Overnight clothes for your partner (if they are planning on staying in the hospital overnight). Due to COVID-19, there is a chance that your partner will be allowed into the hospital room with you, but might not be able to come and go as they please. Pack for them like you’re packing for you!
  5. Toiletries (toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, shampoo)

7. Stock That Freezer

Once your baby comes, you’re not going to want to spend hours on your feet meal prepping and cooking. You’re going to need that extra time for laundry and sleeping.

Buy or create freezer meals that can be reheated at a moments notice… that notice being it’s lunchtime and your little one is out cold. Your handy dandy Crock-Pot can come in handy here! You can spend a week or two making 1-2 meals per day and then freeze them in meal prep containers for easy access. You can check out my recipe for Crock-Pot Pot Roast here!

There are many other things you can add to your third-trimester checklist- these are just the ones I’ve been working on in the past few weeks. I’m excited to check off the things on this list as I move through the next few weeks leading up to the birth of our sweet baby girl!

8 Second Trimester Must-Haves

As I begin to close out my second trimester, I have started reflecting on the last 3 months. So many amazing things happened! We saw our baby move for the first time, we moved across the country (with all our belongings, 2 cars, and 2 cats) to start our life on the east coast, and we got married. What?! It’s so hard to believe that all of this happened in the last 13 weeks.

Looking back on what was an amazing time, I pinpointed moments where I thought, “Hey, I could have used more of this” or “I wish I knew how much I would need that”. I know now I will be extra prepared for baby #2 (when that comes along).

I created a list of second trimester MUST HAVES for moms currently pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Hopefully, this will ease your mind a bit when making those mid-afternoon Target runs.

1. All of the dresses

Amazon dress and Blowfish slip-ons

Seriously! You want to stock your closet with dresses, especially if you are going to be pregnant during the late spring/summer months. I don’t think I have ever owned as many dresses as I do now. Your second trimester is when your bump really starts to take off, and people will stop wondering if you just had that extra large pizza for lunch. Some women prefer loose, t-shirt style dresses, while I prefer the more form-fitting ones (I like showing off my bump). Either way, dresses are going to be much more comfortable than jeans and shorts ever will. My favorite dresses come from Amazon and Target. You can actually find them in my latest post, What’s a Mom to Wear?

2. Comfortable shoes

Blowfish Slip-ons

Before pregnancy, I took all of my footwear for granted. Being in theater and being on my feet all of the time, you would think I would have learned that shoes are the most important part of your wardrobe, and they certainly were for me!… except I wore heels 80% of the time. Now that my feet and ankles are starting to slightly swell, I have begun leaning more towards shoes such as Keds or Blowfish. They are both two really great brands that include memory foam insoles and are just really comfortable to wear whether you’re going to the grocery store or going for a walk up and down the street.

3. dōTERRA Deep Blue® Rub

This back cream has been a LIVE SAVER throughout my pregnancy, but certainly throughout the second trimester. dōTERRA Deep Blue® Rub is infused with essential oils such as Wintergreen, Peppermint, Blue Chamomile, and more. It penetrates the muscles and leaves your skin tingling after application. This is the perfect cream to have my husband (willingly) rub on my lower back at bedtime, as it helps loosen up the muscles and allow any small knots to work themselves out during my sleep. 10/10 will ALWAYS recommend.

4. Snacks on snacks on snacks

Easy Cheese

Pregnancy cravings. Don’t let anyone fool you… they are REAL! During the past few weeks, my cravings have been few and far between, but once something is mentioned that I want, I can’t get my mind off of it until it is in my stomach. A few weeks ago, while watching Guy’s Grocery Games, the contestants were challenged to use canned spray cheese in their dish. You know- the disgusting, fake, amazingly delicious cheddar cheese spray from our childhood. I could not get it out of my head until this past week when my mother and sister came to visit and brought 2 cans of that ooey goodness with them. Thanks, guys!

5. A Meal Delivery Service

Mozzarella Crusted Chicken

While I love going to the grocery store as much as the next person, I don’t necessarily want to cook all of the food I buy. It’s difficult to find the right meals for dinner and to have to go to the store and try to find each and every individual ingredient to make that dish. More often than not, these meals will take well over an hour to make. We found solace in HelloFresh. HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service that is customizable to your lifestyle AND your budget. A normal week for us (a family plan with 3 meals at 2 servings a piece) is roughly $60 per week. We are able to remove and add meals as we please, dependant on what is being offered that week. We also have the ability to skip as many weeks in a row as week want. This is perfect for weeks where we are traveling a lot or weeks where we would rather be grilling and hanging out outside. HelloFresh has been the perfect way to introduce new and easy meals into our lives as we prepare to feed what we assume will be a very fussy baby.

6. Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy Pillow from BB&B

I will be the first one to admit that I took pregnancy pillows for granted. My mother tried to buy me one near the end of my first trimester, but I declined, saying that I didn’t need one. Once I wasn’t able to sleep on my stomach or my back anymore, having a king0sized pillow in between my legs or up against my back became necessary. Putting the pillow in between my legs allowed the pressure to be taken off of my lower back and gave comfort to my knees. Having the king-sized pillow at my front allowed me to curl up against something other than my husband, who doesn’t like to cuddle during sleep. While I only have a large pillow for this pregnancy, I will be investing in a pregnancy pillow for my second.

7. Water

That’s it. Just water. Stay hydrated, mama!

8. A hobby

Dealing with both unemployment and a pandemic during my pregnancy hasn’t been easy. With a husband who goes into work every day (lucky duck, he is), I needed something to entertain myself. I have picked back up my love of painting during the last few months, and this has been a wonderful way to express some creativity as well as pass the time during the day. I also do a LOT of house work. Dishes, laundry, the works. Find a hobby that you love, whether it be a long, forgotten one, or a brand new one!

I am excited to enter the third trimester. I am looking forward to the next leg of this journey, and the next 3 months until we get to meet our baby girl.

26.5 Weeks Pregnant, wearing Motherhood Maternity top and shorts

What’s a Mom to Wear?

Never in a million years would I have thought that my maternity wardrobe would be the most important wardrobe I have!

I’ll admit, I got a little finger trigger happy early on in my pregnancy and bought maternity clothes when I certainly didn’t need them yet. Being a first time mom, I expected my stomach to balloon up within the first 2 months, and I ordered just like that. In truth, I didn’t start getting a real pregnancy belly until about week 16 or 17, 4 months into my pregnancy.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I wore the tiny crap out of those maternity clothes! I wear them even better now that there is a belly to fill those shirts and dresses.

I spent a lot of time choosing maternity clothes and exploring different websites for the best clothes AND the best deals. But let’s be real… if it’s cute, I’m buying it!

When shopping for any wardrobe, it’s important to keep the must-haves in mind. Many people call this a “capsule wardrobe“. If you are a shopaholic like me, this helps to clear our your wardrobe while only keeping the essentials, and keeping items that you can mix and match every day of the week.

Lady DeCluttered Summer 2019 Capsule

I LOVE clothes. Like, love! I have always been one to shop high-end at low-budget stores (Target, Kohls, and sometimes even WalMart). I found it very difficult at the beginning of ny pregnancy to find maternity clothing that was both hella cute and hella affordable. I scoured the internet trying to find outfits that I could wear both throughout the 7 more months of my pregnancy and postpartum. I am ALL for versitile!

The first website I stumbled upon was Motherhood Maternity. Motherhood ofers a wide variety of maternity fashion, but it really hits home with the basics. I was able to get some amazing Secret Fit Belly jeans and jeggings, nursing bras (which are the most comfortable bras I have EVER worn), Graphic Tees, and Scooped Neck Maternity Tank Tops for a very inexpensive price. Check out the gallery below for photos of my favorite Motherhood items!

As I was searching for clothes a little higher priced, I found Pink Blush. Pink Blush is AMAZING because they not only have a plethora of maternity clothes, but they also have a section for non-pregnant women. Their clothes are perfect for during pregnancy and after, so I know that they will get the proper use out of them. Pink Blush is great for baby shower dresses and flowy, patterened pants. I even got the dress I got married in from Pink Blush! Check out the gallery below for photos of my favorite Pink Blush items!

Now that I had a few basics and a few special occasion picks out of the way, it was time to get the clothes that would get me through the hot New England summer- clothes that would be able to be easy to put on, versitile, be used after pregnancy, but still retain their cuteness. I went to Target and Amazon for those picks. It took a bit of sleuthing to find, but the simple, side-rouched dresses as these two stores were PERFECT and were exactly what I was looking for. Amazon had a dress that came in over 20 different patterns and colors, so you know I stocked up on those. I paired these simple dresses with some crop tops I found on Amazon, just to give it that extra touch. Target had great dresses with the same fit and feel, but ones that I wasn’t able to find on Amazon. Check out the gallery below for photos of my favorite Target and Amazon dresses!

Now is time for the most important part- shoes! Finding the right pregnancy shoe is like finding a needle in a haystack. Halfway through the second trimester, your feet start to ache and swell from all of the blood rushing through your veins, and when going on those long pregnancy walks, it’s important to make sure your feet are taken care of. My mother recommended Blowfish! Blowfish is a California-based footwear company whose main goals are creating shoes that are both comfortable and affordable. They draw inspiration from European and Asian culture and combine that with creativity to create their shoes. My go-to shoe is the Marley It comes in almost 20 different colors, and features elastic and canvas to make your feet feel like they aren’t even wearing shoes!

Baby Names A-Z

Growing up, I thought I new what I wanted to name my children. I had always loved the name Jace for a boy, and I loved the name Delilah for a little girl. No one was going to change my mind!

That is, of course, until I met my fiancé, Connor. From the start of our romantic relationship, we knew that we would be the end all for each other. Having been best friends for the year preceding, it was a no-brainer.

From pretty early on, we talked about baby names. It was a natural conversation we would have every now and again, playing with name combinations and imagining what it would be like to say the names of our children aloud. We had chosen our top boy name and top girl name a very long time ago. Fast forward 2 years and BOOM! Here I am, 5 months pregnant.

The day we found out that we were expecting, we started the baby name conversation up again. We had chosen the name Jack August for a boy, both names after Connor’s two grandfather’s. We had chosen Emily Ruth for a girl, Ruth after his maternal grandmother, and Emily because, well, we love the name! saying the name Emily Ruth aloud flowed so nicely off the tongue, and paired with his (and my eventual) last name, it was kismet. Even though we had our number one names, we had to choose our seconds. There was always a chance of having twins, and identical at that, so we had to make sure our bases were covered! After running through names for a while, we both found out that Delilah was a name we both loved. We ended up pairing the first name Delilah with the middle name Jane, after I was spitting off a few suggestions (Ruth and Rose were also in the mix). For the second boy’s name, we landed on David Anthony. These two names do not have personal meaning to the pair of us, but we love them both and together they sounded perfect.

So there it was, we had our top 2 boys names and top 2 girls names all ready to go! It wasn’t that hard, and we didn’t stray to far into obscure baby names… I’m looking at you, Elon Musk!

When we found out that we were expecting a girl, we started using her name that night. Emily Ruth Whiteley is now a staple name in our household, and it makes us so happy to be able to say our baby’s name and not just say “she” or “it” or “the baby”.

There is no right or wrong way to name your child. Whether it be family names, names of fictional characters that you both love, or a name simply chosen out of a baby name book, your child is going to have the best name on the planet because you chose it. Again, Elon, I’m looking at you.

Woah… We’re Halfway There!

20 Weeks Pregnant!

Holy guacamole! As of Saturday, May 2nd, I am officially halfway through my first pregnancy. It is still so hard to believe that in just over 4 months, our little Emily Ruth is going to grace the world with her presence! As I write this, Emily is kicking away inside of me. I think she likes the song I’m playing currently on my Amazon Alexa

One of the best bops ever, obviously!

Halfway through your pregnancy means a lot of things. Not only are you on week 20 (omg!), but there are also so many new things going on with the little peanut inside of you! At 20 weeks, your baby has developed everything it needs to be a living, breathing human… except the things it needs to breathe! The lungs are in development this week, which means the little tyke is gearing up for their very first cry. Also at 20 weeks, your 2nd trimester ultrasound can accurately determine the sex of your baby (if you didn’t already find out from your genetic screening). We found out 2 weeks ago upon receiving our bloodwork results that we are having a little girl, and my ultrasound on the 4th sealed the deal. Baby Emily is cooking away in there, gearing up for her big debut.

For the first quarter of my pregnancy, I was all-in on thinking my baby would be a little boy. The baby was very active in my womb, sucking it’s thumb by week 13 and I began feeling it kick around week 17 (pretty early for first time moms!). When I saw the little bugger on my genetic screening ultrasound, it’s way of movement certainly made me think it was going to be a boy- a mover and a groover. Well, it turns out that little girls can be movers and groovers, too. Connor, who knew it was a girl from the start, was the most excited I have ever seen him when I told him that we were having a little Emily! That is, until he felt her kick for the first time the other day. The only thing more amazing than having a child is being able to watch the reactions of my partner when he hears her heartbeat, or feels her kick, or sees the little socks I picked up for her at the local Target.

Growing up, I always wondered what I would look like when I became pregnant. Would I carry high? Low? Would I gain weight? Lose it? How would my stomach look… round and plump? Or oblong? Nothing could have prepared me for how I ACTUALLY look while pregnant. The prenatal vitamins have done my skin wonders, closing up my pores and getting rid of those pesky zits! My hair, naturally fire red, is long and shiny, and I think has gained about an inch in thickness. I’ve lost a few pounds, but nothing that Miss Emily can’t put back on when moving into the third trimester. My face may have thinned out, but my belly is surely growing in size. It’s amazing to watch every week as I take my baby bump photo the differences in size and shape of my belly. I swear I’m smaller at week 20 than I was at week 19, but that’s probably because Emily was upside down or sideways.

Even though my lower back kills and my mood can shift on the drop of a dime, I have never enjoyed something more than being pregnant. Knowing that in 4 short months we are going to be sharing our home with a little girl, our daughter, is a wonderful feeling. While this pregnancy wasn’t planned, we know that Miss Emily is going to do some good in the world by springing this surprise on us.

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