Emily’s First Overnight

Family is the most important thing to Connor and I. Finding out almost 11 months ago that we were expecting our first child, family became the topic of almost every conversation… at least every conversation that didn’t involve money. Connor grew up in Massachusetts and I grew up in New Jersey. both of our immediate… More

3 Weeks Postpartum Update

It’s been three weeks since our world grew. THREE WEEKS since Emily Ruth entered our lives. The time is flying yet crawling simultaneously. Looking at her, it feels like she has been in our lives for years. Motherhood is nothing like I thought it would be- both the good and the bad. While 99% of… More

Emily’s Birth Story

One week ago, I gave birth to the most beautiful, most perfect, most incredible little girl. I cannot believe it has already been one week… while Connor can’t believe it’s ONLY been one week. While we’re all doing great, my physical recovery is moving at the speed of light, and my emotional recovery is slowly… More